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Playlists created for onLand by dj elMoka.

Classicalism vol.I
Rendering of 3 classical masterpieces: Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie #1", Pau Casals's "Cant dels ocells" and J.S.Bach "Cello suite No. 1 in G Major BWV1007". Just mixing a bit of TomWaits, Stephin Merritt, noises, speaking word...
The Picnic tapes
An afternoon deejaying in Igualada. PostPunk, NewWave, and friends. Smiths, Cure, Furs, Cells, Heads, Banshees, Stranglers and Pistols!
Clicks, Chips & Freaks
Not-noisy electronics blended with folkish sounds (India, Andalucia, West Africa), Nina Simone and the usual speaking word bits. Enjoy! Moderat, ThomYorke, Apparat, M83, Isan, among others.

09-Anatomy of melancholy
Inspired by some Robert Wyatt wise words about making music. Songs with a satisfying sense of imperfection: Iggy Pop, Jay Jay Johanson, The Peddlers, Love, among others.
08-DiscCover:The Doors
Some hyper-classics revisited by a bunch of fine musicians:
Julie Driscoll, La lupe, Pearl Jam, Opal, Bob Brozman, among others.
07-DiscCover:The Smiths
Eight great Smiths songs, by eight great artists:
Sinfonico Honolulu, Archive, Jeff Buckley, The Divine Comedy, At The Drive In, Radiohead, Placebo, Death Cab For Cutie.

06-DiscCover:The Cure
A selection of athmosferic covers of TheCure:
Music Box Mania, Norman Palm, Mumm-ra, Al Baby, Tricky, Mark Lanegan, among others.
05-The Cinema Show
30 eclectic minutes with:
Air, Meredith Monk, Gabriel Faurè, Nina Simone, Massive Attack, among others.
04-Together We Stand
30 eclectic minutes with:
Imogen Heap, the Zombies, Franz Schubert, Laurie Anderson, among others.

03-The Season of the Witch
30 eclectic minutes with:
Apparat, Einsturzende Neubauten, Camarón, Pink Floyd, Asa Chang & Junray, among others.
02-Lullaby In The Woods
30 eclectic minutes with:
CocoRosie, Flobots, Shirley Collins, Japan, among others.
01-No Time For The Bride
30 eclectic minutes with:
Max Richter, Syd Barrett, LCD soundsystem, Lou Reed, among others.